Healthcare Analytics is Our Passion
... and Our Expertise

Healthcare organizations have developed an insatiable appetite for data and analytics to drive quality and performance improvement initiatives as the era of population health management is upon us.  Enterprise strategies for access to information and meaningful insights are a top priority across healthcare organizations given the need to transform care delivery from a volume-based model to a value-based model. The explosion of new technologies that unleash the power of data now allows innovative, hands-on analytics across a broad audience mining a wide array of data types and big data sources not possible in the past.

The timing is right for the healthcare industry to benefit from this perfect storm and analytics is a necessary enabler.  Quality and cost benchmarking needs take us further into uncharted waters of data quality and transparency. The journey to achieve greater adoption and the meaningful use of electronic health records is well underway.  Outcomes-based, accountable care models are here to stay and the integrity of the underlying data will contribute to the successes or challenges experienced by healthcare businesses.                                                  
Thus, there is an increasing need for innovation in operating the ‘business of health’ in a high quality and cost effective manner.  As history demonstrates in other industries, this requires strategic focus on trusted information to build enterprise knowledge and a culture of analytics which will ultimately drive transformation.  This is our core area of expertise.