• Enterprise Assessments and Strategies for Healthcare Analytics
  • Enterprise Intelligence and Analytics Roadmaps

  • Analytics Software Products and Strategies for Most Vendors

  • Data Governance Strategy and Stakeholder Alignment
  • Leadership Models for Performance Management
  • Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators 
  • Organizational Models for Enterprise Analytics 
  • Transformation through Cultural Change and Process Improvement
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Strategy, Agile Design, and Implementation
  • Data Management Strategies Including Big Data and Unstructured Data

We define Enterprise Intelligence (EI) as an umbrella term describing a set of concepts and methods deployed to improve business decision-making by using enterprise data warehouse information in fact-based analytics. Gartner Research defines Performance Management as all ‘processes, metrics, and systems needed to measure and manage the performance of an organization.’  EI programs create the foundation for building a performance management culture and operations model.

 We have evolved an EI Program strategy and implementation methodology that addresses governance, organization/people including culture and skills, process, and technology.  Our unique EI Maturity Model is utilized to determine an appropriate implementation strategy.  Business goals drive the priorities in automating a single validated source of comprehensive information allowing more resources to focus on the use of information.  By aligning metrics from the EI source of truth with strategic initiatives, an operational change management model for process improvement is facilitated.  Ultimately, the ability to focus on defining, measuring, and improving agreed upon metrics, strategic performance management objectives will be fulfilled.

As industry experts and recognized thought leaders in healthcare analytics, our unique enterprise business intelligence strategy and implementation model has continued to evolve with input from our clients into an emerging industry standard for transforming healthcare organizations. Our methodology enables a trusted source of automated metric data to serve as the foundation for building a culture of accountability and performance management excellence utilizing analytics.  

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