Our Client Methodology 

There is an increasing need for innovation in operating the ‘business of health’ in a high quality and cost effective manner.  As history demonstrates in other industries, this will require strategic focus on trusted information to build enterprise knowledge and ultimately drive transformation. Healthcare analytics has become essential.

But what is the gold standard for accomplishing this in the healthcare industry? How does this single-source of trusted information originate? To facilitate the creation of a trusted Enterprise Intelligence (EI) resource, a comprehensive strategy must be developed.  Evidence-based best practices teach us that the facets of governance, organization including culture, people including skills, process, and technology must be addressed during planning.

Our best practice methodology for guiding clients on their Enterprise Intelligence journey utilizes an interactive methodology for stakeholder participation and goal alignment that includes interviews, focus groups, and workshops.  We collaboratively develop a high level recommendation Roadmap that defines a future state evolution.   Our approach ensures that both a market definition and a client specific definition of these concepts are understood by all stakeholders in order to craft an accurate, realistic, and implementable Roadmap.  Our methodology includes Strategy and Roadmap, Implementation, and Transformation phases.  We have developed an expertise in the field of EI and continue to work with clients to further develop EI strategies for performance management excellence utilizing our industry standard EI strategy definition and implementation methodology. 

Our team members embrace a culture of customer service excellence while portraying strong values and an orientation towards best practice principles which have produced successful results over the years. We know our success is attributed to the leadership and expertise demonstrated by our team members.